Approved Used

All our approved used items are ex-demonstration, pre-owned part exchange, or where indicated brand new and unopened items. 

All items come with a 2 year guarantee.

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We have the following ex-demo items:

Power Cables

3 x UK Sigma Zitron Digital C15 1.75M – £1375 each
These are the previous generation flagship power cables from Shunyata and exceptional value. The digital cables suit DACs and other digital sources, and we’ve obtained fabulous results with Devialet amplifiers.

1 x EU Delta NR C19 1.75M – £565
1 x EU Delta NR C19 1.75M (unopened) – £695
1 x EU Alpha NR C15 1.75M – £875
1 x EU Sigma NR C15 1.75M – £1650

2 x UK Venom HC C15 2.0M (unopened) – £320 each
1 x UK Venom HC C15 1.75M (unopened) – £320

Speaker Cables

Delta SP cables 2.5M – 1st generation with a variety of STIS connectors (bananas, spades) – £1430