About Us

 The Shunyata Distribution Company was founded in October 2016 by lifelong audiophile and music fanatic Guillaume Boyer.  Known by many as the founder and moderator of Devialet Chat, Guillaume developed a fascination for Shunyata Research technology after trying a selection of their power cables and finding that these exceeded all previous references by a country mile. The search for the perfect mains cable was over!
Although The Shunyata Distribution Company is independently owned and operated, we work very closely with Shunyata in the US. This enables us to be true specialists and experts in the full range of Shunyata products including power conditioners, power and signal cables.
2017 is a very exciting year for Shunyata Research and all its customers. Never before have so many revolutionary products and technologies been brought to the market in such a short space of time. At every product segment/level Shunyata aims to comprehensively outperform the competition, often at a fraction of the cost of rival offerings!
We love to talk about our products so if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@shunyata-uk.com or 0330 223 3769.