Newsletter July 2019

The Great Shunyata Freight Train shows no signs of slowing down

We often joke about Shunyata’s mission equating to that of an unstoppable freight train bringing revolutionary new products to the marketplace. In an industry often characterised by crazy prices and exaggerated claims, Shunyata stands out by building reasonably priced products that deliver incredible performance using explainable design principles and objective measurements. Shunyata Research’s scientific heritage is clearly demonstrated through the many patents owned by its chief designer Caelin Gabriel, a man tireless in his quest to disrupt and innovate. Its links to the medical industry through its sister company Clear Image Scientific provide a unique narrative whereby scientific R&D is helping to solve real world problems and save lives, in many ways the ultimate expression of the efficacy of its technologies.

2019 sees many new products chugging their way to the UK market:

– The Alpha and Sigma USB cables. We first saw prototypes of these in late 2017 and for whatever reason they took an eternity to launch, probably testament to Caelin’s relentless pursuit of perfection, although perhaps more rather frustrating for us. These are possibly some of the best products Shunaya have ever made in their 20 year history and I imagine it’s only a matter of time before professional reviewers catch on. A leading forum moderator (Masterlu @ AudioAficionado) recently announced that the Sigma USB “…is unquestionably the biggest upgrade from a single cable I have ever experienced in my life.” Hardly mincing his words! The Alpha USB isn’t far behind.

– The Venom NR-V10 and NR-V12 power cables see Shunyata’s award winning multi stage NR (noise reduction) tech make its way to the entry level Venom range, although there is nothing entry level about their performance! Over 12dB of noise reduction built into the cable itself, the use of expensive fluorocarbon dielectrics, 10 or 12 AWG OFE C101 Copper conductors and unique Shunyata-designed CopperConn® UK plug, not to forget KPIP™ conditioning. These are based on tech developed for the Clear Image Scientific (CMS) NR power cords and are a great illustration of the amazing externalities achieved by Shunyata’s sister company.

– The Venom, Alpha and Sigma Ethernet cables are products very close to my heart since I helped beta test them! The Venom Ethernet cable, in 1.5M standard length, will beat most cables out there (and I own many). The Alpha Ethernet cable sees the addition of Shunyata’s C-Mode Filter tech, and believe me its effect isn’t subtle! We recently compared the Alpha Ethernet cable to a rival one costing nearly £4k, and the Alpha was the clear winner! With Sigma, the cable sees the addition of a very high performance Telegärtner connector (bigger than most out there) and a second C-Mode module. At a recent demo a customer commented on being able to hear things for the first time on a familiar piece of music. Given the modest price difference between Alpha and Sigma I know which one I would opt for!

The UK Alpha A10 – I can’t tell you how excited I am by this new product: 10 sockets and 6 zones of isolation, all high current (16A) with over 50dB of noise suppression from input to output and over 60dB between zones (measured at 100 kHz – 30 MHz)… this product is sure to ruffle some feathers! More on this new product and others later!